A bit About me...

I have been dead keen on astronomy, especially stellar astronomy, virtually all my life. I live in a small Norfolk village without street lights, so can normally see quite faint stars (magnitude 16 - 17 on a good night for the astronomical among you.) I am a member of the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers).
I have a wide range of other interests, including Art and poetry.

I am especially fond of the mythological works of Tolkien (he was also interested in astronomy!) and the Romantic poets, above all William Blake, a man even now far in advance of his time (my son William is named after him - or William Herschel possibly).

I am a former teacher of calligraphy and used to work as a writer in the media. I still like writing, and anything to do with languages. One of my interests - ever since about the age of 12 - has been inventing languages, an activity known to the cognoscenti as conlanging (that's actually how I became interested in Tolkien, rather than the other way round). There is one main language called Omina with what's known as an ergative grammar, and further additions to the site will enable you to speak it for yourself! French and German, it isn't.
Though at the moment I am unemployed, I still carry on "work" as a volunteer IT person for various charities and causes to which I am sympathetic. It was purely coincidence that I became involved with the Norfolk County Cricket Board just at the time England regained the ashes!

I also do work for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, and an organisation in Norwich who deal with Third World issues. When I'm not working on websites, I also try and develop my knowledge of programming in Visual Basic, having just produced a program called Alien Skies that depicts the "constellations" as they would appear from any star you pick. I'm also working on a program which will draw charts for variable stars that have no existing charts. This is a bit simpler than Alien Skies!
When I'm not working on websites, weird programs or astronomy generally, I like to watch footy. I used to play it too, but since an achilles tendon injury in 2001 followed by a pulled hamstring two years later, I've kinda got the message that maybe I should just watch the game instead. Shame. As I write this, my team (Tottenham) have just crashed out of the League Cup (best to call it that, since it keeps changing its name) to the mighty Grimsby. More shame. William's team, West Ham, have now overtaken us in the Premiership. Well done Will!
Anyway, when the rest of this site is done, you'll be able to look at the other sections on Tolkien, Languages, and see some of my wildlife pictures as well as (hopefully) photos from the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. I'm something of a Big Island bore, so prepare yourselves. Until then, just click this 'ere link to go back to the home page (or of course use the "Back" icon of your browser) or this one to find out more about my telescope and observatory.